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WULONG TEA – Mi Lan Xiang by Chen, China 2022 40g

WULONG TEA – Mi Lan Xiang by Chen, China 2022 40g

An exotic aroma hit produced by a young farmer using old trees.


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Shaken while dry, gently in a small teapot, releases incredible aromas of hydrangea and butterscotch. Carefully brewed and you experience soft notes of honey and cassis. This selection is very exciting for us, sourced from a young farmer who is crafting spectacular varieties of teas from different single cultivars ranging in age from 75-100 yrs old in the Fenghuang (Phoenix Mt) region of Lioning. Only one batch of this aromatic tea was produced.


Tasting Notes: hydrangea, butterscotch, apricot
Farmer: Mr. Chen
Region: Tian Zhu Keng, Fengshuan, China
Harvested: March 2022
Cultivar(s): Mi Lan Xiang
Elevation: 750m
Preparation Notes:
rinse, 6g 180ml 100°C 30s
6-7 steeps recommended (Add 15s / steep)