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Our History


JagaSilk was created (and is operated and owned) by Miyuki and Jared Nyberg. The adventure began in the summer of 2005, making deliveries from the public transit system.

Importing maccha began with a little knowledge and a kernel of an idea.

With the support of a wealth of local small business owners, managers, and employees, we were able to hone our niche to the specialty cafe, supermarket and restaurant environment. This is where quality, knowledge, and attention to detail in technique and the sharing of knowledge were and are most appreciated.

What followed was a crash course in applying a traditional and very special tea, the only tea used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony, to the high octane North American life. We studied and learned and acted as mad gatherers of maccha knowledge. Over constant dialogue and interactions with interested individuals, we were able to put together the JagaSilk Method of Making Maccha, the centre-piece in our Macchartist Certification.

As the owners of JagaSilk, we have since been able to visit the tea garden where we import our organic maccha from, have our very own car (lol) and have had the opportunity to work with some very inspiring individuals and places.

We hope to remain connected to our roots here in Victoria, BC, while exploring the world. We shall see where this journey takes us.