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Introduction to Loose Tea Preparation – February 09 2024

Introduction to Loose Tea Preparation – February 09 2024

Date: Feb 09 2024
10:00am-11:00am (1 hour)
Location: JagaSilk Teabar, 633 Courtney St, Unit 17A, Victoria BC Canada
Instructor: Jared Nyberg, Co-owner JagaSilk

Taking inspiration from our seminars held for our wholesale clients, this class is a 1 hour dive into our understanding of loose tea, a brief history, health benefits, storage tips for optimum flavour, and preparation techniques. Students will taste different lose teas and come away with a fundamental understanding of what loose tea is and suggestions on its application at home and in food service.


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This course will provide a basic introduction to preparing consistent tea for food service. The course will focus on the four basic variables of loose tea preparation: weight of leaf, temperature of water, volume of water, and steep time.