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WULONG TEA Huang Jin Gui by Wang, Anxi China 2022 40g

WULONG TEA Huang Jin Gui by Wang, Anxi China 2022 40g

An wulong that is reminiscent of osmanthus flowers without being scented with osmanthus.


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The striking notes of osmanthus in this tea when brewed accurately are a result of the craftsmanship of Mr. Wang, not any scenting or the like. These particular trees are only 6 years old but already producing quality tea. Anxi is famous for Tie Guan Yin but domestically this selection is gaining momentum for its big taste and inviting aromatics. We fell in love with it the first time we smelled the wet leaf. Silky smooth.

Tasting Notes: Osmanthus, chestnut, honey
Farmer: Mr. Wang
Tea Factory: Qui Yi
Region: Anxi, Qhanzhou, Fujian, China
Harvested: May 2022
Cultivar(s): Huang jin gui
Elevation: 875m
Soil type: Reddish yellow
Batch #: SLML09
Preparation Notes:
rinse, 6g : 180ml : 90°C : 2m
2nd: 1m30s; 3rd: 2m; 4th+ add 30s each