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WULONG TEA Hong Xin Tie Guan Yin by Cai, Anxi China 2021 40g

WULONG TEA Hong Xin Tie Guan Yin by Cai, Anxi China 2021 40g

Classic Tie Guan Yin with powerful identity and complex flavour.

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Cai’s technique draws out powerfully aromatic volatiles that make for a memorably smooth and complex expression of this classic wulong, with notes of lily in the nose and a lingering pear finish. Tie Guan Yin is most often made these days with the more ubiquitous Qing Xin cultivar, but Cai is a traditionalist and works exclusively with the now less prevalent yet original Hong Xin cultivar in his production. His experience and attention to detail shine.
Tasting Notes: lily, pear, honey cake
Farmer: Mr. Cai
Region: Anxi, Chanzhou, Fujian, China
Harvested: May 2021
Cultivar(s): Hong Xin Tie Guan Yin
Elevation: 850m
Soil type: Reddish Yellow
Batch #: WYS3
Batch size: 900kg
Preparation Notes:
rinse, 6g : 180ml : 90°C : 2m
2nd~5th steep: add 30s each