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WULONG TEA – Ba Xian 144 by Chen, China 2019 – 120g Tin

WULONG TEA – Ba Xian 144 by Chen, China 2019 – 120g Tin

Exquisite, delicate flavour that just keeps giving.


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 With a small team of 5 people, Mr. Chen has time and time again provided us with some carefully crafted charcoal roasted wulongs from the famed Phoenix Mountain in Guangdong. Ba Xian literally translates as “8 immortals” and this particular tree is 144 years old.
This rendition by Chen is light, with subtle notes of strawberry on the nose; it courses across the pallette with toasted sugar, wheat and magnolia.


Tasting Notes: strawberry, wheat, toasted sugar
Farmer: The Chen Family


Region: Tian Zhu Keng, Fengshuan, China
Harvested: March 20 2019
Cultivar(s): Ba Xian
Elevation: 750m
Soil: Yellow and red
Age of trees: 144 yr
Batch # 1
Preparation Notes:
rinse, 8g 180ml 90°C 45s
6-7 steeps recommended (Add 30s / steep)