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RESERVE TEA – Rou Gui by Shi, Fujian China 2021 – 40g

RESERVE TEA – Rou Gui by Shi, Fujian China 2021 – 40g

Magnificently complex aromatics expressed in a famous Wuyi oolong.


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Notes: Jiang Heng (1672-1742) wrote a poem dedicated to the tea cultivar used in this charcoal roasted wulong, the famous Rou Gui of Wuyi mountain. Mr. Shi has employed his most excellent tea making skills to not only draw out the prerequisite “cinnamon” character (the literal translation of the name) but also a fascinating montage of custard, honeysuckle, licorice and cotton candy. Time and time again we are drawn to Shi’s brilliant work.

Tasting notes: Custard, honeysuckle, cinnamon
Region(s): Wuyi Mt., Fujian, China
Harvested: April 12 2021
Tea Garden: Li Ke
Farmer: Mr. Shi
Zheng Yan
Elevation: 950m
Soil Type: Yellow & Red
Batch Size: 120kg
Batch #: YB729
Ingredients: Camellia sinensis
Preparation Notes:
rinse, 3g 90ml 100°C 15s
2nd/3rd/4th/5th: add 15s / steep