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RESERVE O5 Tea Collab Maccha Okumidori by Hosoi 20g


RESERVE O5 Tea Collab Maccha Okumidori by Hosoi 20g

We sometimes do a hopper swap with O5 Tea in Vancouver where we mill one of their teas and they mill one of ours. Unfortunately, this round, we burned this selection in the mill and are selling it on sale. Grab a nicer version of it from the folks at O5 Tea and we will take another go at it again in the future if we can. For now, grab this single cultivar Okumidori by Hosoi on sale and make yourself a fusion drink like a maccha sipping tea or maccha latte.

O5 Notes on this cultivar:
“Okumidori has long been one of our favourite cultivars. With rich umami and low astringency, this relatively rare cultivar (reportedly accounting for less than 3% of Japan’s yearly harvest) was first developed for sencha, in Shizuoka, in the 1970s.”


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About the Farmer:
According to o5 Tea: “Kenta Hosoi’s family began farming tea in the Meiji Era, in Wazuka (one of the most traditional tea-growing regions in Kyoto). He only started farming tea for tencha 10 years ago; his favourite cultivar for this purpose is okumidori. Hosoi San’s main passion is farming; he believes (and we couldn’t agree more) that healthy earth and plants are the basis for mind-blowing tea.”

Tasting Notes:
White peach, pine nuts, fiddlehead

Farmer: Hosoi Kenta
Cultivar(s): Okumidori
Harvested: May 2022 (1st flush)
Elevation: 200m
Region: Uji, Kyoto, Japan
Batch size: 18kg
Fresh-milled in Victoria, BC, Canada by JagaSilk