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Refill – Maccha Raven 20g: Yabukita by Fujioka

Refill – Maccha Raven 20g: Yabukita by Fujioka

Yabukita is used in over 75% of production in Japan for its bright complexity and long finish.
It is rare to see it on its own.
The cultivar of choice for gyokuro production, many of our clients studying tea ceremony comment how nostangic this selection is.


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About the Estate:

Fujioka is a master of single cultivar production, allowing us to explore camellia sinensis via the variety. He places a major emphasis on healthy soil and pure processes.

About the Designation:

Balanced acidity, sweetness, and bitters. Ideal for students and teachers of tea ceremony.
Pairs well with traditional sweets.


Tasting Notes:
Sweet snap peas, chrysanthemum

Estate: Fujioka’s micro-lot
Cultivar(s): Yabukita
Harvested: May 2018 (1st flush)
Elevation: 200m
Region: Uji, Kyoto, Japan
Batch size: 20g
Fresh-milled in Victoria, BC, Canada by