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Monthly Maccha Subscription

Monthly Maccha Subscription

Please select your quality designation and how many 20g pouches for your subscription.

Owl 40g: Economic as possible while still a selection we are proud to provide
Raven 20g: An excellent balance of bitters, sweets and acidity. Sought after by those studying and teaching tea ceremony.
Eagle 20g: Competition grade maccha, smooth with vegetal sweetness. Little to no bitterness.

Farm fresh maccha milled monthly and shipped fresh to your door.
Select 2 pouches or more to receive a $1 per pouch discount.

From: $39.00 / month


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More info

JagaSilk’s focus is on health.

Antioxidants and umami are highly dependant on freshness.
Therefore your maccha selection will be milled and shipped monthly.

We encourage you to buy less. This subscription is a way for you to stay consistent with your maccha intake while keeping it fresh and beautiful.

We only retail in 20g (10 servings) so that there is less opportunity for oxidation to occur.
(Except our “Owl” category that comes in 40g units due to its regular use by our wholesale cafe clients)

Keep heat-sealed packages refrigerated or frozen and bring back to room temperature before clipping open. After that, do not refrigerate; simply keep in a cool dark dry place, sealed in a small water tight tin and away from strong odours.