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Organic Peppermint / Rose Petal / Cardamom, 2014 – Herbal 60g

Organic Peppermint / Rose Petal / Cardamom, 2014 – Herbal 60g

An aromatic treat excellent in flavour cocktails.


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   Hop bitters form the background of this floral, minty, herbal. Excellent cold brewed and served with a splash of milk, it would be appropriate in the heat of Morocco.
Mint is good for headaches, rose can provide stress relief, and cardamom aids in oral hygeine (also attributed with aphrodisiac qualities).
The orange and rose aromatics on this herbal tea are a journey unto themselves.


Tasting Notes: blood orange, hops, menthol
Region(s): N. Alberta Canada, Egypt, Sri Lanka


Harvested: Fall 2014
Preparation Notes:
3g : 240ml : 90°C : 3min
2-3 steeps recommended