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Organic Marshmallow Root / Fennel / Eucalyptus – Herbal 120g

Organic Marshmallow Root / Fennel / Eucalyptus – Herbal 120g

Unexpected, soothing and delicious healing herbal.


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      Interesting notes of white pepper, anise, and herbaceous sweetness make this blend a fascinating flavour journey both hot and cold.
Traditional medicine tells us the marshmallow root is excellent for coating a dry throat with its dried plum sweetness, while fennel detoxifies and eucalyptus opens up the airways. Very good for correcting hormone imbalances and relaxing the stressed out soul.


Tasting Notes: dried plum, fenugreek, anise
Region(s): S. Oregon, Egypt, Morocco


Harvested: Fall 2015
Preparation Notes:
4g : 240ml : 90°C : 3min
2-3 steeps recommended