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Tii-mâstêt by the Kwadacha Elders – Indigenous Tea 120g


Tii-mâstêt by the Kwadacha Elders – Indigenous Tea 120g

Indigenous to this continent; picked by Kwadacha.

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Tii-mâstêt (called Labrador Tea by newcomer society) has been enjoyed by turtle island inhabitants since time immemorial.
This full leaf selection by the Kwadacha First Nation was carefully hand-picked and slowly dried with 6 Elders of the community managing quality control.
Part of a 7 year project at


Tasting Notes: forest, lemon, gentle
Farmers: Carefully harvested with the oversight of 6 Kwadacha elders


Region: Kwadacha Nation (in Northern B.C., Canada)
Harvested: Fall 2013
Cultivar(s): Northern rhododendron tomentosum
Elevation: 900m
Preparation Notes:
5g : 240ml : 100°C : 4min
9-10 steeps recommended