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Anise Hyssop and Kava Kava – Herbal 120g

Anise Hyssop and Kava Kava – Herbal 120g

A pair of herbs with a history of calming the nervous system.


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Anise hyssop is somewhat of an
unsung hero of the tisane world.
Native to the Turtle Island
continent, traditional medicine
holds that it helps to relieve
coughing and reduce stress, while
providing licorice sweetness and
menthol like refreshment.
Kava kava has been used by
Vanuatu indigenous people for
thousands of years as a relaxing
herb that helps with anxiety while
encouraging community. It adds a
milky smooth quality to the blend.


Tasting Notes: anise, butter, camphor
Region(s): N. Alberta Canada, Vanuatu
Blended by: (Victoria BC Canada)


Harvested: Fall 2018
Preparation Notes:
4g : 240ml : 90°C : 4min
2-3 steeps recommended