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Organic Hops / Licorice / Holy Basil – Herbal 120g

Organic Hops / Licorice / Holy Basil – Herbal 120g

A healing, relaxing winter herbal with flavour identity.


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   Licorice leads this blend with its pronounced honey like sweetness; holy basil provides buttery and peppery notes; and the bitters from the hops help balance the finish into a fascinating flavour journey.
All these herbs have rich traditional healing applications, with the licorice promoting circulation and cough relief, the holy basil treating stress and anxiety, while the hops is a well known relaxant.


Tasting Notes: honey, oatmeal, goya
Region(s): Oregon USA, Egypt


Harvested: Fall 2015
Preparation Notes:
4g : 240ml : 100°C : 4min
2-3 steeps recommended