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Musical Tea Series 1 of 2: Sat July 8th 2023 – Early Music with Bill & Gwen Jamieson

Musical Tea Series 1 of 2: Sat July 8th 2023 – Early Music with Bill & Gwen Jamieson

  • Reserve 1-4 people for Musical Tea Series at JagaSilk. $35/per person includes a specialty tea, house dessert and live music by National, International and local acts in beautiful Nootka Court. Reservation of 2 seats or more guarantees a table.

Outdoor seating.
Tea Talks at 12:30 with music 1-3:30pm.

Saturday July 8th features:
1PM & 2PM: Gwen & Bill Jamieson

Gwen and Bill are a father and daughter duo, both members of Banquo Folk Ensemble which presents early music from the written and oral traditions with a folk vibe.

Tune in for the steam online via JagaSilk’s youtube channel

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2023 Musical Tea Series: Saturday July 8th

Bill and Gwen Jamieson – Medieval, Rennaisance and Traditional Folk

Bill Jamieson

Bill graduated from the University of Toronto with a performance degree in Music Performance on French horn. On horn, he performed with the London Ontario Symphony, the Vancouver Symphony, the Vancouver Opera Orchestra and CBC Chamber Orchestra.
Having discovered early music in university, he took it up again upon moving to Victoria in 1995. Bill is a founding member of the Renaissance wind ensemble, A Great Noyse.
In 2013, he founded the Ancient Music Society of Victoria, which championed the performance of pre-Baroque music in Victoria.
Bill is currently the Executive and Artistic Director of the Early Music Society of the Islands, Victoria’s premiere early music presenter, now in its 39th season.

Bill plays recorders, shawms, historical bagpipes, medieval vielle and crumhorn.

Gwen Jamieson
Gwen studied voice at the Victoria Conservatory of Music for several years before going on to graduate from the University of Victoria with a degree in vocal performance. She has a keen interest in early music and traditional folk music.
Professionally, Gwen has appeared as a soloist numerous times with Bach on the Rock, with Capriccio Vocal Ensemble and with the Victoria Conservatory Oratorio program. She holds a key position as a choral scholar with St. Barnabas Anglican Church.
She was featured in a mainstage virtual concert in 2021 with the Early Music Society of the Islands in a program of English courtly airs and French Airs de Cour. Gwen has also provided incidental music for several of the annual UVic Medieval Conferences.

In addition to being a vocalist, Gwen plays gothic harp, guitar, cittern and hurdy gurdy.


12:00pm: Doors open

12:30pm: Tea Talk with artist(s) presented by the International Tea Appreciation Society

1pm & 2pm: Music Performances

Repertoire for July 8 to be drawn from:
Spritus Sanctus Vivicans Vita – Hildegard von Bingen
Cantiga de Santa Maria #100 “Strela do Dia”/ Cantiga de Santa Maria #77 “de Que Deus Mamou” – court of Alphonso X
Llibre Vermell – “Los Set Goyts” – Anon
E, Dame Jolie – Anon
Douce Dame Jolie – Guillaume de Machaut
Ar ne kuth ich sorghe non – Anon

Fortune My Foe
Barentanz / J’ai Vu le Loup – Anon
Bon Bon, Si L’Amour Vous Gène / Bransle d’Ecosse / Bransle d’Ecosse – Anon/Thoinot Arbeau
Bransle de la Torche / Bransle des Chevaux – Michael Praetorius/Anon
Three Breton tunes – Anon
What Then Is Love But Mourning – Thomas Ravenscroft
Joy to the Person of My Love – Anon

Traditional Folk:
Sir Patrick Spens
McCrimmon’s Lament
Fair Annie

The 2023 Musical Tea Series is hosted by JagaSilk Music, RESO Nation and The International Tea Appreciation Society (ITAS).