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Musical Tea Series 5 of 6: Saturday September 3rd – Martin Bonham. 1-4 Seat Reservation Outdoors

Musical Tea Series 5 of 6: Saturday September 3rd – Martin Bonham. 1-4 Seat Reservation Outdoors

Reserve 1-4 people for Musical Tea Series at JagaSilk. $25/per person includes a specialty tea, house dessert and live music by National, International and local acts in beautiful Nootka Court. Reservation of 2 seats or more guarantees a table.

Outdoor seating. Tea Talks at noon with music 1-3:30pm.

Saturday September 3rd features Martin Bonham
Renowned Baroque”

Also tune in online via JagaSilk’s youtube channel.

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2022 Musical Tea Series: Saturday September 3rd

Martin Bonham Viola da Gamba and Cello (Baroque)


Martin Bonham, a member of the Victoria Symphony from 1978 to 2019 and during that time, one of Victoria’s leading chamber musicians, also established himself as one of the top early music specialists in Western Canada, with performances for Vancouver Early Music, the Early Music Society of the Islands and Victoria Baroque. Cofounder with Kazue Kazahaya Seki of Les Violes de Saint-Colombe, a founding member of the Pacific Baroque Orchestra and the Musick Masters, he appeared frequently on stage throughout BC, Alberta and Washington State. His interest in recreating early dance led to a role in the 1990’s as Music Director and one of the dancers in Movimento!, Victoria’s early dance and theatre company at the time.

In this concert, Martin plays a variety of viola da gambas modeled on originals from the Renaissance through the Baroque.


12pm: Tea Talk with artist by the International Tea Appreciation Society

1pm: Music Performance
We are delighted to welcome Martin Bonham to the 2022 Musical Tea Series. His performance will feature Viola da Gamba and Cello (Baroque).

The 2022 Musical Tea Series is hosted by JagaSilk Music, RESO Nation and The International Tea Appreciation Society (ITAS).