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Micro-milled Yuzu Masala Macchai 200g

Micro-milled Yuzu Masala Macchai 200g

We have taken single estate organic maccha and blended it with powdered Japanese organic yuzu peel, organic cinnamon, fresh milled black peppercorns from Southern India, and organic coconut sugar from Indonesia to create a yuzu forward green tea masala chai. We believe the sign of a good masala is one where all the ingredients are present. This is our very best seller and a unique creation of JagaSilk.


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Milled: every 10-20 days

Prep Notes:


1. Measure 8g (1tbsp) of blend
2. 30ml of hot water (90°C~100°C)
3. Stir in completely
4. Steam 180ml of milk and pour into shot in 8 oz cup
(adjust ratio 1.5x for 12oz, etc)


Stir 1 tbsp of blend into 180ml of hot milk.

Preheat all vessels for thermal stability.
Ideally measure everything with scale.
Measure with a tsp and oz cup otherwise.