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Micro-milled Classic Masala Chai ver. traditional 200g

Micro-milled Classic Masala Chai ver. traditional 200g

Masala means “spiced” and chai means “tea”. This masala is based off a traditional South Indian recipe but can simple be stirred into hot milk. The single estate organic black tea has been milled to a fine powder on the same stone mills as maccha and blended with fresh-milled cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and then a touch of coconut sugar for flavour balance.


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Milled: every 10-20 days

Prep Notes:


1. Measure 8g (1tbsp) of blend
2. 30ml of hot water (90°C~100°C)
3. Stir in completely
4. Steam 180ml of milk and pour into shot in 8 oz cup
(adjust ratio 1.5x for 12oz, etc)


Stir 1 tbsp of blend into 180ml of hot milk.

Preheat all vessels for thermal stability.
Ideally measure everything with scale.
Measure with a tsp and oz cup otherwise.