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Mason Jar Brewer

Mason Jar Brewer

Full immersion brewer for tea and coffee.
– Stainless steel sieve and jacket manufactured by JagaSilk in Victoria BC Canada
– Stainless steel ring – to prevent rust
– Silicon seal – to prevent dripping
– Measuring mason jar


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1. Stands up to rigorous demands of food service environment
2. Good for travel and outdoors
3. Quick drop time
– fully empties in under 3 seconds, giving excellent control over extraction time
4. Easy to transfer lid to different size wide mouth mason jars for varying brew volumes
5. Width allows for “jumping”
– where tea / coffee spins with convection currents to properly extract flavour  (teaballs, cylinders, bags inhibit this)
6. Glass and ceramic are our favourite materials for flavourful extraction
(We find metal suffocates and acidifies while plastic is prone to stain and is often made from petroleum; paper absorbs oils)