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CAFE STANDARD Maccha Okumidori Ninotani by Yamaguchi 40g

CAFE STANDARD Maccha Okumidori Ninotani by Yamaguchi 40g

Yamaguchi brings back a favourite, his Okumidori from his “Ninotani” micro-lot. He has poured his best efforts at natural tea production into this lot, creating the best example of unsprayed maccha from the region we have yet to taste. Complex and delicious, with striking pine aromatics and currant in the finish.

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About the Estate:

Mr. Yamaguchi is a young tea farmer focused on small lot, experimental production. He has commited to natural growing processes and protecting the planet.

Tasting Notes: red currant, pine, anise

Cultivar(s): Okumidori
Lot: Ninotani
Harvested: May 2023
Elevation: 250m
Region: Ujitawara Kyoto Japan
Days of shade: 20
Rainfall: 1400mm/year
Soil type: Sea layer
Fresh-milled in: Victoria, BC, Canada by JagaSilk