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Refill – Maccha Okumidori by Yamaguchi 2020 40g (2 x 20g)

Refill – Maccha Okumidori by Yamaguchi 2020 40g (2 x 20g)

Fujioka created this blend of two different harvests after we requested a maccha ideal for using in fusion like cocktails and lattes. He utilised the famously vibrant okumidori cultivar to provide good value and good flavour – a worthy achievement.


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About the Estate:

Mr. Yamaguchi has only one small lot of just over 50kg that he grows for maccha, and we were so impressed with the level of umami he has achieved using natural growing processes, we bought almost the whole lot. This natural okumidori inspires.


Tasting Notes: Gooseberry, dendelion, buttercup

Cultivar(s): Okumidori

Harvested: 05 24 2020

Elevation: 250m

Region: Ujitawara Kyoto Japan

Days of shade: 20

Rainfall: 1400mm/year

Soil type: Sea layer

Fresh-milled in Victoria, BC, Canada by