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CAFE STANDARD Maccha Kanayamidori Blend by Takaki 40g

CAFE STANDARD Maccha Kanayamidori Blend by Takaki 40g

The kanayamidori and okumidori cultivars grow slowly and add deep flavour with body; the yabukita provides brightness and a long finsh. Takaki has grown them “kabuse” style, as opposed to “tana-kabuse”, allowing for gorgeous and affordable maccha.

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About the Farmer:

Mr. Takaki is located in Hoshinomura, Japan, a village that has placed first in JAS competitions. He represents this with a flourish (especially with his production blends).

Tasting Notes:
Dandelion, toasted rice, sweet melon, violet

Estate: Takaki’s micro-lot
Cultivar(s): Kanayamidori, Yabukita, Okumidori, Okuyutaka, Samidori
Harvested: June 2022
Elevation: 400m
Region: Hoshinomura, Fukuoka, Japan
Fresh-milled in Victoria, BC, Canada by JagaSilk