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Long Jing by Chen, Zhejiang, China 2018 – Green 120g

Long Jing by Chen, Zhejiang, China 2018 – Green 120g

Accurate appellation and precise production have made for a deep and flavour rich green tea.


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This selection is by the Yi Feng Tea Factory, specialists in Long Jing production, located in E. Zhejiang. They selected a cultivar for its deep flavour over fast growth. The result is deep chestnut sweetness with fruit in the nose and a smooth and noticeable umami backdrop.
Long Jing is the top imperial tea of China and has very strict regulations governing its appelation.


Tasting Notes: chestnut, sweet kale
Farmer(s): Yi Feng Tea Factory


Region: Xinchang, Zhejiang, China
Harvested: March 15 2017
Cultivar(s): Small Leaf Fuding Long Jing
Elevation: 650m
Soil type: Acid red
Preparation Notes:
6g : 180ml : 70°C : 1m30s
2nd steep:1m; 3rd: 1m15s; 4-5 +30s / steep