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JagaSilk Kombucha Jun – How We Brew – October 06 2023

JagaSilk Kombucha Jun – How We Brew – October 06 2023

Date: October 06 2023
Location: Nootka Court’s Courtyard outside JagaSilk Teabar, 633 Courtney St, Unit 17A, Victoria BC Canada
Instructors: Jared Nyberg (Co-owner JagaSilk) and Jared Virani (Brewer)

A focus on our methods in preparing kombucha and suggestions for how some of them can be utilized for the home brewer. Focused on careful management of processes and flavour complexity through simplifying ingredients and focusing on tea, honey, SCOBY and water.


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Tips and methods for the home brewer. Science based and focused on primary fermentation over various botanicals, this class covers suggestions for SCOBY management, ideal flavour structure, yeast and bacteria management, and how to limit contamination.