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HERBAL TEA Singer’s Delight 2021 40g

HERBAL TEA Singer’s Delight 2021 40g

JagaSilk collaborated with Sister Speak for a tisane that is soothing for the throat and a calming blend.

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Lead singer of Sister Speak, Sherri Anne, says “As an international touring artist, I am constantly seeking out ways to soothe my vocal chords during travels and packed performance schedules. ”Singer’s Delight” is a wonderful blend that feels kind to the vocals and spirit. Honeybush is hydrating with minerals and Marshmallow Root is soothing to the throat, lungs and skin. Red Raspberry adds a nourishing touch of sweetness!”

Tasting Notes: nectarine, olive, edamame
Region(s): N. Alberta Canada, South Africa
Harvested: Fall 2021
Preparation Notes:
8g : 240ml : 90°C : 4min
2-3 steeps recommended