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HERBAL TEA Organic Peppermint, Black Spruce, Agastache 40g

HERBAL TEA Organic Peppermint, Black Spruce, Agastache 40g

A minty herbal where the lemon zest of the spruce shines. 100% Northern Alberta grown.


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The sweetness of the Agastache provides a lovely foundation for the fresh menthol of the Peppermint. The star of the show is the black spruce, sought after as the best spruce for beer, and oh so flavourful with its lemony goodness. Spruce is chock full of vitamin C, while traditional medicine suggests the peppermint helps with headaches. Agastache (AKA Anise Hyssop) was traditionally used by Pacific Northwest First Nations as a sweetener, tea, and cold tonic. Each of these herbs was carefully grown by Elizabeth and Eckehart in Northern Alberta Canada.

Tasting Notes: Anise, lemon, menthol
Region(s): N. Alberta Canada
Harvested: 2023
Preparation Notes:
4g : 240ml : 90°C : 4min
2-3 steeps recommended