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GREEN TEA Sencha Yabukita by the Takaki Family, Japan 2022 40g

GREEN TEA Sencha Yabukita by the Takaki Family, Japan 2022 40g

An excellent example of an impeccably fired sencha.

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This year the Takakis have produced an exceptional Sencha that we have purchased with the intention of learning how to finish fire from them. The firing process curbs the tannins and develops the sugars, and is a standard part of green tea production in Japan. It does not necessarily brown the leaf as it is a whisper of heat. This sencha has lovely flavours of cooked butter and marigold intertwining with a satisfying kale like greenness.

Tasting Notes: marigold, butter, kale
Farmer(s): The Takakis
Region: Hoshinomura, Fukuoka, Japan
Harvested: May 2022
Cultivar(s): Yabukita
Batch size: 60kg
Elevation: 400m
Preparation Notes:
6g : 180ml: 70C : 1m15ssec
2nd: 5s; 3rd: 30s; 4/5: 80C 5s