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GREEN TEA – En Shi Yu Lu by Yang, Hubei, China 40g


GREEN TEA – En Shi Yu Lu by Yang, Hubei, China 40g

Rich yet thirst quenching ancient green tea ancestor to gyokuro.


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En Shi Yu Lu is the precursor for the famed Japanese tea: gyokuro. The Chinese continued the ancient tradition of steaming and pan firing in the mountains of Hubei, providing a fascinating divergent and yet equally complex tea. Yang has used the Long Jing #43 cultivar commonly used for Long Jing to produce this remarkable rich green tea with notes of chestnut in the nose and an artichoke mineral silky wash across the tongue.

Tasting Notes: chestnut, artichoke, mineral

Estate: Hua Zhong

Region: Enshi, Hubei, China
Harvested: April 10, 2021
Cultivar(s): Long Jing #43
Farmer: Yi Yang
Estate: Yun Ma
Soil: Arenosol
Process: Steamed
Elevation: 800m
Batch size: 300kg
Batch number: YL489
Preparation Notes:
3g : 180ml : 80°C : 2min
2nd: 2m; 3rd-5th steep add 30s / steep