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GREEN TEA Biluochun by Zuxiang, China 2022 40g

GREEN TEA Biluochun by Zuxiang, China 2022 40g

A classic green tea made with cultivars normally used for Pu-er.

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Notes: This big leaf variation of the famous Biluochun (trans. Jade Snail) was made in Yunnan by Mr. Zuxiang. Utilizing a careful blend of 30% Xueya (a cultivar commonly used in pu-er production) and 70% Yunkang no 10, a cold resistant Qun Ti Zhong derivitive, they combine for layers of complex flavours of marzipan, toasted chocolate and wood and incense. Biluochun is a classic and this variation is a stand out for its complexity.

Tasting Notes: Marzipan, chocolate, incense
Farmer(s): Mr. Zuxiang
Region: Pu’er City, Yunnan, China
Harvested: March 2022
Cultivar(s): 30% Xue Ya, 70% Yunkang
Batch size: 100kg
Elevation: 1300m
Preparation Notes:
6g 180ml 80°C 2m
2nd steep: 2m; 3rd-5th: +30s / steep