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GREEN TEA Bhutan Ngoja by Samcholing, Bhutan 2023 40g

GREEN TEA Bhutan Ngoja by Samcholing, Bhutan 2023 40g

Complex, herbaceous, and an incredibly unique origin.


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Notes: Samcholing Tea Co-op is the only producers of tea at scale in the entire country of Bhutan. Tucked away in the towering and breathtaking Himalayas, this parched green tea, called ngoja locally, that takes full advantage of the ambient envoironment. The landrace tea trees produce leaves that are softened in the cup with a rinse that then draws out uncanny melon like umami, a sweet nose and almost spicy and herbaceous flavour complexity.

Tasting Notes: Melon, butter, shishito

Farmer(s): Samcholing
Region: Samcholing, Trongsa, Bhutan
Harvested: April 2023
Cultivar(s): Landrace
Batch size: 12kg
Elevation: 1800m
Preparation Notes:
6g : 180ml: 90C : 30ssec
2nd: 30s, 3rd + add 30s / steep