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GREEN TEA Da Fo Long Jing by Mr Luo, China 2021 40g

GREEN TEA Da Fo Long Jing by Mr Luo, China 2021 40g

A deep and flavour rich green tea.

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The Da Fo style of Long Jing was brought about through government involvement in the mid 90s, bringing in tea makers from the famed Xi Hu region to teach the locals the tecniques for producing this top imperial tea of China. (Long Jing has very strict regulations governing its appellation.) It’s becoming widely known for its rich flavours brought about by a deeper firing process. Luo’s selection stands out for its honey and cereal flavour, deep chestnut sweetness and spruce finish.

Tasting Notes: chestnut, honey, cereal, spruce
Farmer(s): Mr. Luo
Region: Xinchang, Zhejiang, China
Harvested: March 30 2021
Cultivar(s): Xiao Ye
Elevation: 600m
Batch #: L21MQ
Batch Size: 400kg
Preparation Notes:
6g : 180ml : 70°C : 1m15s
4-5 steeps recommended