CRIMSON TEA – Organic Earl Grey – 200g Tin

CRIMSON TEA – Organic Earl Grey – 200g Tin


A centuries-old blend made with top quality leaves makes this familiar tea glow on the palate.




Selecting “CTC” grade leaves for their quick, full-bodied extraction, we have followed the 1800’s recipe for making Earl Grey: black tea leaves rolled in the oil of Bergamot. Our black tea is always the feature “quick-infusion” black and the oil is FCF (non carcinogenic) and from bergamot wild-harvested in the French Alps.
Fragmented tea is often looked down on by tea enthusiasts, but stored well and brewed properly, it delivers, and delivers quickly.
A deliberate over-extraction using 4g of leaves for 3:30m goes well with milk and sugar. But try it pure.
Tasting Notes: sweet citrus, cinnamon
Featuring: oil of bergamot wildcrafted in the French Alps
and CTC crimson tea for fast and brisk infusion
Preparation Notes:
4g : 240ml : 100°C : 30sec
1 steep recommended *option: pour-over

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