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CRIMSON TEA Jin Jun Mei, Wuyi Mt China 2021 40g

CRIMSON TEA Jin Jun Mei, Wuyi Mt China 2021 40g

A relatively new style of crimson tea with syrup like goodness.

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Jin Jun Mei is a relatively new style of tea, invented in 2005 in Wuyi Mt to appeal to domestic tea drinkers in China. 20,000 buds are required to make a single kg of tea, making it one of the most time consuming teas to create.
This authentic, geographically correct Jin Jun Mei tastes almost like brown sugar when brewed as gongfu cha. Alongside the toasted wheat and nectarine, we find its complex aromatics and finish intoxicating. The farmer, Mr. Shi, consistently delivers inspiring work.
Tasting Notes: Nectarine, toasted wheat, honey
Farmer: Mr. Shi
Region: Wuyishan, Fujian, China
Harvested: April 02 2021
Cultivar(s): Qun Ti Zhong
Elevation: 800m
Soil type: Red & Yellow
Batch #: HDSL008
Batch size: 400kg
Preparation Notes:
8g : 180ml : 100°C : 30s
2nd~5th steep: add 30s each