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CRIMSON TEA – Jin Luo by Li, China 2021 40g

CRIMSON TEA – Jin Luo by Li, China 2021 40g

A malty, smooth crimson tea ideal for cold brewing.

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Jin Luo (literally Golden Snail) is thus named for its tightly twisted, spiral-shaped leaves that resemble snails; snail being a beautiful word in Chinese. 🙂 Mr. Li harvested these classic “Da Ye Zhong” (read “big leaf”) leaves in the early spring as a complete bud set of one leaf and one bud. Yunnan, considered by many to be the birthplace of tea, is famous for its chocolatey crimsons, and we felt this one in particular to be great for cold brew.

Tasting Notes: Graham cracker, honey, cacao
Farmer: Mr. Li
Region: Pu-er, Yunnan, China
Harvested: 4.15.2021
Cultivar(s): Yunnan Da Ye Zhong
Elevation: 900m
Soil type: Brick red
Batch size: 800kg
Batch #: SLHSL098
Preparation Notes:
3g : 180ml : 100°C : 4min
2nd: 5m; 3rd: 6m