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Cedar Box Macchartist Kit

Cedar Box Macchartist Kit

Ideal for the regular maccha user who desires tools that will last, and an attractive way of keeping them all together.


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– Cedar box, shin chasen, garry oak chasennaoshi, kan’nyu chawan, chashaku, tea sieve, measuring spoon & measuring shot.
– Has the option to attach to the wall and folds into a box for easy mobility.

Cedar Box
– Local wood artisan Brad Mielke custom designs and builds each cedar box from beach combed wood.
– Specifically built for the method of making maccha, this box holds all the tools necessary, is built to last, and can mount on your wall or be displayed on the counter.
Shin Chasen
– Masaki Kubo cuts our chasen in Nara, Japan
– The Shin is his favourite, allowing his company of protected artisans to deliver a strong, meticulously cut whisk created to last.
Kan’nyu Chawan
– Our artisan bowls are hand made right here in Victoria by local Japanese potter Harumi Ota.
– His bowls are aestheticly breathtaking and make for nice froth.