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VICTORIA EVENT Bhutanese Tea Journey | Special-Edition Tasting July 20

VICTORIA EVENT Bhutanese Tea Journey | Special-Edition Tasting July 20

Date: Thursday, July 20 2023
Location: JagaSilk Teabar, 633 Courtney St, Unit 17A, Victoria BC Canada

Vancouver event on July 18 details after description

Welcome to Bhutanese Tea Journey, a special-edition tea tasting hosted by Jared and Miyuki Nyberg (co-owners, JagaSilk) and Pedro Villalón (owner, o5 Tea)

Join us for a special-edition tasting event showcasing a variety of Bhutanese teas, including not-for-sale samples we collected throughout our travels.
Bhutanese-style snacks, including sweet buttered rice, Ema Datshi (Chilli & cheese), and Cucumber and watermelon salad will also be served.

click here for tickets to the July 18 event in Vancouver.


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Short Description:
Join o5 Tea and JagaSilk in Vancouver and then Victoria for a showcase series of our recent tea delegation to Bhutan, complete with a tea tasting and mini documentary viewing!
We will demonstrate making Suja butter tea inspired by a millennia of Himalayan highlanders and serve 3 Bhutanese dishes to snack on.

  • This is a ticket for the July 20 Victoria event
  • Purchase separately for the July 18 Vancouver event on the O5 Tea website