Apprentice Chawan

Apprentice Chawan


Maccha jawan are bowls used in maccha preparation.
These bowls have been selected by us for appropriate height and shape to make good froth.
Potters are screened to prevent leeching of heavy metals from the glazes.

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Apprentice Chawan work with the concept that your bowl does not have to be an official maccha bowl to make great tea.
These bowls are hand made Mino-yaki (Gifu Japan) for the beginner maccha lover and provide a great vessel to learn with.
When choosing your chawan (bowl), the high sides, round bottom, and room for whisking are vital, and we have bowls made for us to these specifications. Too small and your chasen will be damaged. Too big and you will not have good froth. Vertical high sides allow for vigorous whisking.

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Weight 0.880 kg
Dimensions 26 × 16 × 16 cm