If We Only Make What People Want, We Can Never Do Anything New

   I have been thinking about algorithms and creativity, classic solutions VS what has yet to be thought of. If musicians only ever wrote music similar to what they wrote in the past, we would sure live in a boring world. New thinking and new art is risky because we don’t know if people will […]

Why We Recommend Against Premaking Your Maccha Shots in Features

   Sometimes we get asked if you can make shots of maccha in advance to speed up efficiency behind the bar, especially for feature drinks. If this is something you can justify for your espresso program (pulling a bunch of shots into a syrup bottle) then perhaps you could do so for your maccha program. […]

The Impossible Dilemma In Food Service: How To Balance Cost And Flavour

We recently had some constructive dialogue with a cafe owner in the Okanagan who was struggling with rising costs and was trying to balance the cost and flavour of our Masala Chai at her cafe. It got us thinking about similar struggles we have faced in our past here at JagaSilk. Back in 2008, when […]

Should We Be Weighing Our Tea?

   We have had a great opportunity to learn from some incredible tea professionals these past few years through our involvement in the Victoria Tea Festival Revival, especially the symposiums where guests have shown us how they brew tea at origin and at their respective spaces. One connecting piece amongst the Chinese tea enthusiasts has […]

What is the Difference Between Maccha and Green Tea? There is no difference.

We sometimes get asked this question and thought it odd: what is the difference between maccha and green tea. The short answer is that there is no difference. Maccha is a kind of green tea.   However, there does seem to be some confusion here as made clear by a recent New York Times article on […]

Spring: Tea Harvests and When To Say Goodbye To Your Old Teas.

Expiry dates on tea

Spring is always a very exciting time of year for us. We see the first flush Darjeeling origin tea samples in a few days, have word that the pre-Qing Ming Chinese teas are tasting great, news that Japanese teas are developing slowly but nicely, and Taiwanese tea samples are on their way. In our books, […]

Finish Firing Tencha for Maccha in a Tea Roaster

Over the past several months we have been researching and utilizing the tea roaster we brought in earlier in the year. We started the process with sencha, using aracha (unfired tea meant for sencha) provided to us by Mr. Takaki in Fukuoka Japan. He was a gem and has been incredibly accommodating whenever we visit […]

Who Grows the Tencha for Our Maccha: Feature Farms

When sourcing tencha for our maccha (and any tea we bring in) we strongly believe in choosing to work with small farms that produce carefully and are good stewards of the land that they cultivate. We have built up great relationships with many farmers over the years, but we will be focusing on three families […]

Milling Maccha: The Quest for Fresh Tea

Since October 2018, we have been milling our maccha in house here at JagaSilk. It has been challenging, always a learning journey, and forever rewarding in terms of flavour, medicinal integrity and relationship building.  The Importance of Fresh Milling Very early on in JagaSilk’s history, we realized the importance of fresh milling. We noticed that […]

Our Kombucha Program

When we ferment our kombucha we like to focus on the tea and the honey. The industry norm is to build a canvas and then add flavours in a kind of “shrub”, but we started our program with the idea that good tea will shine through and does well to be the main event. “We […]

Temperature and Tea

Temperature control. Why does it matter? It’s a good question and we once we continue to explore. There is no right answer. “Temperature variations of as little as 10°C can make a big impact .” With maccha, we find that depending on the region, the temperature variations of as little as 10°C can make a […]

Tea and Terroir

Terroir is such an interesting concept. This idea that we can sense, perceive, the energy of a place through that which is grown there. This idea that there are background notes shared between different farms in the same area that come through in the cup. Popularized in wine, there is a rich hundreds (if not […]

Maccha or Matcha?

So how is it spelled? Maccha or matcha? The question begs to be asked, doesn’t it? Is it spelled maccha or matcha? The answer to this question took some research and some digging. It started with Miyuki, co-owner of JagaSilk, born and raised in Japan, intuitively writing “maccha” when transliterating the word. However, local companies […]