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Maccha Green Tea Specialists.
Fresh Milled Here.

Maccha enthusiasts, educators and farm direct importers, JagaSilk has had transparent mill dates since our inception in 2005; milled in-house since 2018. Farm direct loose teas, micro-milled stir-in tea lattes, precisely brewed kombucha. We believe in beauty, balance and ethical business.

w SPECIAL GUESTS Lester Q, Sister Speak and more
Gongfu tea & Collab Tea Projects

Our entire catalog of maccha, tea lattes, loose teas, kombucha, tea accoutrements, and more.

Watch our latest broadcast archived on YouTube with new episodes every Thursday!

Maccha we fresh mill in Victoria BC. Sourced directly from small Japaneses farms that we visit regularly, with a focus on relationships and medicinal integrity.

Monthly maccha subscriptions milled fresh by us and shipped straight to your door.


Tea Clinic

Register for tea clinics or sign up for virtual clinics and learn about maccha, loose tea, kombucha, and more.
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Join us for our weekly livestream with an ever changing roster of guests drinking tea and solving all the world's problems. 🙂



JagaSilk Teabar

JagaSilk Teabar, located in downtown Victoria BC, is open every Friday from 12pm to 4pm for tea and house desserts.


Become a wholesale partner

JagaSilk specializes in supporting specialty coffee and tea houses, boutique supermarkets, and natural food markets with maccha, tea lattes, kombucha, and a curated line of farm direct teas.



Our Mission

It is our hope that we can effect change in the tea industry by encouraging the importation of small batches of fresh tea, rather than the current norm of buying massive volumes and selling aging stock from a hot and stuffy warehouse. We hope to encourage traceability so that our customers know when the tea was harvested, when it was prepared, where it’s from, and how the workers are treated. Lastly, we hope to offer education so that what we learn about the complexities of teas from Japan is passed on to you.