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The Sieve Test.

Fascinating how the coarseness or fineness of your sieve can noticably effect the flavour of your maccha. Give it a try and make two bowls with two different sieves to see.

Maccha fresh-milled in Victoria BC to your door. Free shipping.

Get a maccha subscription and use the coupon code RENEWAL2020 to get 10% off your first month here. Nothing beats maccha fresh off the mill, and we have been having way too much fun dialing in our Japanese maccha grinder for some incredible flavour intensity.

Maccha Okumidori Fukada Featured on JagaVision

The maccha featured in Episode 38 of JagaVision. Watch it here.

JagaVision: Livestream tastings with guests every Thursday at 1pm on YouTube.

Livestreaming every Thursday on our YouTube channel at 1pm! Every week we switch things up with a new tea and guest alongside our weekly guest Sherri Anne of Sister Speak Music. Subscribe and watch archived episodes here.

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We have focused on fresh-milled maccha green tea and its tools since 2005, inspiring our micro-milled tea lattes and a farm direct rotating line of loose teas, as well as our precision based approach to kombucha brewing. We are a teabar, a wholesaler and a tea academy based out of Victoria, BC, Canada. We believe in beauty, balance and ethical business.

Monthly maccha subscriptions. Shipped straight to your door.

Our Hopes

Our goal is to act as nodes of knowledge for the maccha world outside of Japan. This means that what we learn often shifts or augments the information here and there are always updates worth checking out on our website. A plethora of info on what defines maccha, how to understand it, prepare it, and the best maccha and tools we can source for sale will meet the curious reader.
It is our hope that we can effect change in the tea industry by encouraging small batches of fresh tea being imported, rather than the current norm of buying in massive volume and selling aging stock from a hot and stuffy warehouse. We hope to encourage traceability so that our customers know when the tea was harvested, when it was prepared, where it’s from, and how the workers are treated. We hope to offer education so that what we learn about the complexities of teas from… Read More…

Our Hopes

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How We Make “Traditional” Maccha at Jagasilk

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