Refill – Maccha Eagle 20g: Okumidori by Fujioka

Refill – Maccha Eagle 20g: Okumidori by Fujioka


Okumidori grows slower than most cultivars, allowing the plant to focus and draw out flavour rich oils.
Fujioka’s technique truly brings out the brilliant chlorophyll content, velvety mouthfeel, and floral aroma that is making this variety famous.



About the Estate:

Fujioka is a master of single cultivar production, allowing us to explore camellia sinensis via the  variety. He places a major emphasis on healthy soil and pure processes.

About the Designation:

Competition grade.
Sweet and smooth with little to no bitterness. “Bluish” green with deep umami.

Tasting Notes:
White peach, pine nuts, fiddlehead

Estate: Fujioka’s micro-lot
Cultivar(s): Okumidori
Harvested: May 2019 (1st flush)
Elevation: 200m
Region: Uji, Kyoto, Japan
Batch size: 18kg
Fresh-milled in Victoria, BC, Canada by JagaSilk