Refill – Maccha Owl 40g (2 x 20g): Yabukita by Takenishi

Refill – Maccha Owl 40g (2 x 20g): Yabukita by Takenishi


The Takenishis chose yabukita cultivar for its solid reputation. The unique growing conditions and micro batches (80kg of total production from their small lot) has yielded excellence. We harvested it with them so it is sentimental for us.

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About the Estate:

The Takenishis’ tea garden is a micro-lot enshrouded with trees, shade-grown as naturally as possible with serious care and attention to all of the little details.

About the Designation:

Encompasses selections that are as economical as possible while still being flavourful and of more than decent quality.

Tasting Notes:
Violet, macadamia, bitter melon

Estate: Takenishi Family
Cultivar(s): Yabukita
Harvested: May 2018
Elevation: 350m
Region: Tawara-chiku, Nara, Japan
Batch size: 22kg (as tencha)
Fresh-milled in Victoria, BC, Canada by JagaSilk