Maccha Preparation and Knowledge Seminar

Maccha Preparation and Knowledge Seminar


Approx 2 hours – $120

You will gain a foundation based not only on technique, but on knowledge as well. Focus will not be on traditional methods, but on food service fundamentals we have learned supporting a myriad of cafes and restaurants. This is a method that transposes the act of maccha creation into a more casual environment, with a goal of maintaining the tea’s integrity. You will take part in a session that covers:

Maccha: topics include what maccha is, its health benefits, history, source, labour conditions, cultural significance, how to take care of it, and repercussions if you don’t.
Maccha tools: topics include what maccha tools are, their purpose, their history, how to look after them, and repercussions if you don’t.
Tasting: explores the difference between different grades of maccha.
Preparation: Focuses on the preparation method of a complete maccha menu
** May also include a basic introduction to artisan milk steaming

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