Harimaen Estate Tea Garden

200+ Years of Experience

The Harimas have been growing their tea for over 200 years. They are now into the 7th generation, and have an inspired business that encourages and facilitates the growth of organic green tea. They began with a small plot during the Edo era and to date have won countless national awards for their tea, and have had the honour of the Japanese Emperor enjoying it. Here at JagaSilk, we decided to work with them because their tea is the only organic tea from Uji, Kyoto that was actually of quality grade. They have also been wonderful for answering our curious questions and being really kind to us when we visit.

Even Grandma helps out on this beautiful tea garden.

Going Organic 35 Years Ago

When Yoshiyuki Harima (pictured on the right) was in his 20s, he was taken to the hospital after collapsing from the sprays he was putting on his green tea. The doctor told him he had to give up spraying and drinking alcohol or his liver was done for.
He was taken aback because nobody grew their tea without sprays in the 70’s (and he liked his sake). However, after much thought, research, and consulting, Harima decided to go completely organic.
His friends mocked him and his first harvest came in at 80% loss. Snakes came back and once his wife was poisoned from a bite. However, thinking that these sprays (still commonly used today by many tea gardens worldwide) would end up in his customers’ tea cups made him persevere.
5 years passed and the Harima tea garden trees regained their strength and quality, and they were able to produce at 80% capacity. Harimaen now organize a collective of local tea gardens that have gone organic, and facilitate a certified organic production co-op facility. The Harima garden has been featured on many green documentaries, television, newspapers, and countless media with their beautiful teas that defy the still prevalent adage of sprays making for the best tea.
The local aquatic life has returned, the fragile flowers have returned, and the success of the garden has returned. Yoshiyuki has told us that he rests easy at night knowing that his customers are enjoying very pure tea free from worry. He also rests easy because his health has recovered to the point that the doctor lets him have a little nightcap before bed!
We hope you enjoy the Harimaen teas we have named Dragonfly, Butterfly and Stone Ground Sencha and let us know what you think.