Macchadept Level 1& 2 Certification

Three 2 hour sessions – $180

Macchadepts are the first level of certification where the certification of others is possible, therefore we take it very, very seriously. The qualifications involved are very intense and if macchadepts make your maccha, it must be perfect.
They must be certified by an academy macchamaster, have their macchajourneyman level, and their knowledge and technique must be spot on. Macchadepts must demonstrate an intimate understanding of the apprentice topics and additional skills and concepts. Level 2 macchadepts must be able to demonstrate the ability to train a macchapprentice.
This course is taught in 3 sessions.
Macchapprentice topics:
– Maccha: topics include what maccha is, its health benefits, history, source, labour conditions, cultural significance, how to take care of it, and repercussions if you don’t.
– Maccha tools: topics include what maccha tools are, their purpose, their history, how to look after them, and repercussions if you don’t.
– Tasting: explores the difference between different grades of maccha.
– Preparation: Focuses on the preparation method of a complete maccha menu
Additional skills and concepts:
– Technique: relatively perfect head on traditional maccha
– Single pour latte art: Pour a smooth rosetta in a 4 oz cup (latte etching unfortunately does not demonstrate good microfoam)
– Knowledge:
i) able to tell the difference between grades in a blind sensory test
ii) able to explain the history of maccha, the importance of source, ways to promote freshness and quality
iii) the difference between chasen and the history of chasen
iv) the ability to choose good bowls and the understanding of how and why this is done.
Macchadept Level 1 certification requires the student to be able to demonstrate a solid understanding of the above skills and concepts.
Macchadept Level 2 certification requires the student to certify a macchapprentice under supervision of a JagaSilk macchartist.
Students are issued a certificate upon completion.