Macchajourneyman Certification

2 sessions: one 2 hour session and one 1 hour session – $120

Macchajourneymen are the sign you are looking for when searching for good JagaSilk maccha. Students receive certification after demonstrating a working knowledge of the apprentice concepts and techniques. They must be able to explain and perform with accurate ratios, the JagaSilk “Way of Tea” and demonstrate sufficient knowledge. They must be certified by a macchartist or above.
Important knowledge points are:
– The difference between maccha and infused green tea, the difference between grades
– How to take care of maccha and maccha tools.
– Demonstrate, without looking at any paper, JagaSilk ratios and suggested technique in the creation of traditional maccha and maccha lattes.
– Demonstrate formation of adequate froth on traditional maccha, a “puffed” base for maccha lattes, and artisan steamed milk for the maccha latte.
Students are issued a certificate upon completion.